Dreams to Reality – E-Book – “Dreams, the reality ahead of its time”.


Author – Priscilla Meintjes

What if you could make all your dreams come true? This book is about hope and a future with reality as the core. To have all your dreams come true you must believe that “Dreams are just a reality ahead of your time”
This book will equip you in realizing your dreams. If you think a better work position is what you need, then this book will guide you to get there. Maybe you would like to work for yourself and obtain financial success and need some entrepreneurial skills?  Maybe you have been left vulnerable through loss of your job and income and do not know where  or how to start over?

Dreams to reality is a book written to assist people in all walks of life to reach their goals and to enjoy the journey while doing so.


Author – Priscilla Meintjes

Dreams are only the reality ahead of its time.