Africa Burning


The artist was given the vision of the Painting in a dream, the name, the dimension of the 4 canvasses, the colours and the message that “Africa is Burning.  She painted for 6 days solid to complete the painting, not knowing why there was this urgency to complete it.  However, The painting was completed the last day of May 2017. Exactly 7 days later on 7th June 2017 Plettenburg Bay and Knysna started burning.  Was that just a coincidence? The artists believes that God wanted to send a message about Africa and it’s people.  While painting the artist experience great sadness and cried often in prayer.   The urgency was so great that at times the brush would fall out of her hand as it cramped from holding the brush.  It was a great time of restoration in the artist’s walk with God.  All was determined through prayer, and executed true to the vision. Unsure of where the platform is that God wants to display this, it will be displayed on this site till God ordains it to be moved to another platform. A missionary, when he saw the painting, said ‘how extraordinary that you painted Revelations 18” The artist was unaware of the content of the passage. I trust that it will inspire you.

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Artist: Priscilla Meintjes

Medium: Oils on Stretched Canvas

Size: 2020 x 1800mm

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 2020 × 1800 mm
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