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Hein Smith

The following bio was supplied by the Artist Hein Smith.

I am a 41-year-old adrenaline junkie and have difficulty to stil my mind. I am a supporter of breaking the rules that keep us shackled by beliefs or religion.  I am a free spirit, non-judgmental and passionately believe that each person should have their right to choose who they want to be.

Out of pure frustration and tired of being put into a box I picked up my son’s beginners art kit and started painting an Indian symbol meaning family. This then later turned into 2 symbols and then later it was transformed into something completely different. This ended up being my very first finished painting: Silver lining.  It has great significance, seeing as usually I did not finish what I started. It opened the door for new ideas, projects, and paintings. I have been enjoying the journey thus far and am fortunate to have the opportunity to share my artwork with others.