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Cheryl L Montgomery

Introducing Cheryl L Montgomery, a very versatile artist, who works predominantly in oils.

Cheryl has always been creative in baking and hand made products, but she believed that she could never paint although she always admired others that could.   Her favorite saying was “I cannot draw a stick man”. She was later convinced by a friend that it is a skill which she will be able to master if she only tried.
She first learned how to sketch and draw, then ventured to playing with various art mediums. Since then she has proven herself wrong in her initial belief of her capabilities. She has grown from Art Lessons to full-fledged artist painting and loving it.

Cheryl found her niche in Oils and started enjoying the freedom it gave her to experiment and enjoy the art of creating. It has now been 4 years and Cheryl love to paint although she does not often get time. It is a great pastime and one which has become her “Me Time”.

She also heads the |”Octobaby project” which will enable pensioners to have a sustainable income. These hand crochet Octobabies are each one unique and babies love them as they become like a cuddly blanket to them and affords them a sense of security.

Cheryl is available for commissions.