About Us

Ruby Rembrandt provides an electronic platform to assist Artists and Hand crafters to produce while our team of marketer’s approach Designers, Architects, Gift Shops etc. The artists and crafters pay a subscription fee of R150.00 per month which covers admin and wifi fees. This will be billed monthly for 10 items.  R20.00 will be charged per additional item listed. The gallery then promotes to various clients and on various platforms.

Once the item is sold the Gallery will deduct 10% of the sale price.  We will ask every artist to gift an amount (any amount of their sale) to the orphanage “Huise van Heerde which is situated in Moorreesburg in the Western Cape. http://huisvanheerde.org. 

We will find the best outlet for your art while allowing you to create and EARN. We find that most creative people are not usually comfortable with marketing themselves and get discouraged as they have no feedback on their product, eventually just giving up.

Ruby Rembrandt Gallery would like to promote Art and so aim to assist creative people so that they are able to become self-sustainable and keep on creating and in turn help the orphanage as well.

Artists and Crafters can showcase their art and crafts through the Gallery. However, all art products need to be of high standard, “Original” and transportable. We accept most Art, however, do NOT ACCEPT any form of Pornographic or Erotica in any form or medium.

We do not collect your art (you retain it on your premises) but only request exceptionally good photographs with good descriptions. When the artists sell the work outside of the website, the artists only need to inform us when the art is sold so that we can update the website.