Joyful Koi Pond


“The Painting ‘Joyful Koi Pond’ encapsulates the essence of strength, perseverance, and prosperity through its vibrant depiction of these revered fish. In Asian culture, koi symbolize not only good fortune and success but also ambition and courage, making them powerful icons of achievement and longevity. The rich history and enduring nature of koi further amplify their symbolic significance, adding layers of meaning to this captivating artwork. Each brushstroke seems to tell a story of resilience and accomplishment, inviting viewers to embrace the spirit of the koi and strive for their own aspirations with unwavering determination. ‘Joyful Koi Pond’ serves as a compelling reminder of the inherent strength and untapped potential that lies within each of us, urging us to chase our dreams with unwavering resolve.”

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Original Mixed Medium – Acrylic and Oil paint on Stretched Canvas

Size: 1m in height x 1.3m in Width, 3cm depth of frame.

Artist: Priscilla (Cilla) Meintjes