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Klaus Tonitz

Interested in many aspects of the world we live in, his work varies in medium, theme, and application, where through he strives to illuminate matters of interest and intrigue.

In the first category, inspired by the soft, warm, light quality of Ostrich eggshell lamps, Klaus creates what he calls sculpture lights. In their making he incorporate many disciplines, spanning across a sphere of crafts.

Some ideas expressed through his work are original design exercises and others going beyond the surface, his art is born where the inner and outer worlds meet, maybe even collide…ever since Klaus discovered the light quality of ostrich eggshell lamps, there have been few alternative ways of bringing to life the feelings and ideas they convey…his sculpture lights are broadly versatile, making great gifts and via careful, sound construction remains lifetime investments, adding character and ambiance wherever they glow…

Klaus has a wonderful measure of potential and also an inexhaustible source of spiritual nourishment, this can be seen in his paintings.